Personal Assistance

You may be unable to get out and about, fulfil your ambitions or live the independent life you want. You may feel isolated or lacking in confidence, we can help you change this whether you want to join in more community groups or want help in buiding your confidence, we can help.


Community Groups
Want to access well established groups? Join other services? All within the community then we can assist you to do this, we offer support to individuals to help make them a valued member of the community. Whether this is art groups, sports groups and weight loss groups we will assist you with this.
Travel Training
Want to travel independently? Use public transport on your own or with support? Want to learn the costing of traveling? Then we can offer support with this we run programs to help individuals become more independent when traveling. We offer this support for as long as it’s needed, we like to promote independence so even if its companionship you want from this we can help you.
Do you want to access activities within the community? Do you need assistance and information on activities within the community? Then we can support individuals to do this, there are endless amounts of activities that we can offer support for you to enable you to access these here are just a few of what there is on offer, swimming, the gym, bowling, trampolining, hydrotherapy, library visits and many more.
Shopping for a Healthy Lifestyle
We offer support to customers to live a healthy lifestyle whether this is in the community or the comfort of your own home, we are here to support you. We can help you research, plan, shop and cook your healthy balanced meals. We can also offer short courses around this..
Active Lifestyle
Want to become more active? Been told by professionals you need to lose weight? Want to become more confident within yourself? We off support for individuals to plan a regime and aim to work towards success. We can set up fitness programmes with trained staff and follow these; we can support you to attend community weight loss/ management groups and can complete individual’s physio programmes with tour trained staff..
Social Awareness/Interaction
Do you feel like you are having difficulties within society? Want to face your fears out in the community? Need help with communicating with others? We can offer you support with this we have a great staff team with a variety of skills to help you set goals and progress to where you want to be.